Are you part of Valkyrie Forge / Does Duke Baldar of Trimaris derive revenues from blunt sales? At Gulf War of 2012, we learned that Duke Baldar of Trimaris (Alex Cooley) was looking to divest his investment in SCA combat archery. We (Sir Erika and her husband Maximus) approached Duke Baldar and entered negotiations to acquire the business from him. Since NorthStar Archery was so heavily invested in combat archery already, we saw an opportunity to further our commitment to our shared hobby by investing in this way. We settled on a price and purchased outright the tooling, mechanical drawings, vendor lists, manufacturing rights, trademarks and sales & distribution rights. That purchase occurred in August of 2012. All blunts and related products (APDs etc) sold since August of 2012, regardless of who you purchased them from, were manufactured by NorthStar Archery and distributed through our dealer channels. Financial proceeds from those sales are exclusively for the benefit of NorthStar Archery and its employees. Duke Baldar (Alex Cooley) and/or Valkyrie Forge are not in any way affiliated with NorthStar Archery and derive no revenues, royalties, fees or other tangible gain from these products. Additionally, Duke Baldar (Alex Cooley) has no role in the design, development, testing or manufacturing. In fact, NorthStar Archery has evolved the products far beyond our oiginal acquisition. The current "FatHead" blunts is solely a NorthStar product and not to be confused with "Baldar Blunts" which were discontinued years ago. We have been working feverishly to continue the innovation and are currently deep into the testing of a new generation of combat archery blunts which will be marketed as "Star" or "NorthStar" blunts. We recognize that there is some prevailing confusion as the term "Baldar Blunt" is somewhat ubiquitous and used rather casually to refer to numerous blunt versions. At the time of the acquisition, we made no overt effort to announce or advertise our purchase of Valkyrie Forge's archery line. We viewed it purely as a commercial endeavor and felt no compulsion to make the details known. However, the volume of inquiries that have come in lately asking for clarification of the business relationship between the two entities have caused us to make the details public. We hope this helps to address the issue. We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

I need my order urgently. Can I get faster shipping? During checkout, you will be offered one or more shipping options. These options affect ONLY the transit time of the order. For orders involving only parts or kits, it typically takes 2-4 business days to assemble your order before shipping. For orders of completed missiles (arrows or bolts) it can take up to 14 business days to construct your order depending upon how many orders are ahead of you. Thus, if you order two dozen completed arrows, and you select 2 day shipping at checkout, you can expect that your order may not arrive for another 16 days. Given the vast number of combinations of colors, blunts, APDs, names and tape types, we cannot possibly process custom missiles any faster.

If you have an urgent need for your custom order, please call or email us BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER! We may be able to accommodate you, but a 50% rush charge may apply. We cannot determine that until we speak to you about your need and our current load.

How long will it take to get my custom target arrows? It depends. Every custom order is unique and may require more or less time to obtain the materials. Your best bet is to call me to discuss the specifics. From there, I should be able to provide a ship date for your order.

Don't you have stock combat arrows? The various Kingdom rules change so frequently that it wouldn't be a good idea to stock a "standard" arrow. It would be our luck to have a few hundred in stock just in time for the rules to change.

Why can't I order Baldar Blunts anymore? The Baldar blunt has been replaced by the new and advanced Fat Head blunt, also manufactured by Duke Baldar. The Fat Head represents a leap forward in safety and ballistic performance over the Baldar Blunt.

Why don't you carry golf tube arrow parts? We get very little call for them and they are not in use in our Kingdom. If you must shoot golf tube arrows, please contact a dealer in your area who is more familiar with the construction specs for this missile.

How long should it take me to assemble my arrow/bolt kit? Depending on your handiness with tools and the level of distrction that you are dealing with, it should take about three hours to complete the kit. Glue drying times should be observed however and the missiles should not be fired until the glue has been allowed to cure overnight.

Do you take bows in trade? Absolutely. Assuming the bow in question is in decent condition and is safe to pass on to another shooter, we will consider taking bows in on trade, or consigment. Contact us to arrange for an inspection or exchange of images to determine your bow's condition.

How do you handle returns? Custom arrows and bolts cannot be returned as they were built to your specifications. Wooden longbows ordered for a specific draw weight are subject to a 20% restocking fee as the manufacturer will not allow me to return them once they have been shipped to you. Other products may be returned for reasons of manufacturing defects or order accuracy within 30 days. Returns for reasons of defect or accuracy will be replaced with the appropriate product. Requests for a full refund will ONLY be honored if the item is retrurned in flawless, unused condfition with its original packaging intact and is resellable by NorthStar. Under no circumstances are shipping costs refundable.

How do I know whether your products are legal in my Kingdom? Contact your local group marshal. They should have the information you need.

Will NorthStar Archery be at Pennsic War? Unfortunately no. Pennsic is logistically too difficult for us to attend due to our "day jobs." We will however, be at Gulf War in Mississippi.

Can you help me get products approved by my Kingdom's marshallate? Not really. The process of getting new equipment approved can be a long drawn out and highly political process. It is neither straightforward, nor is it guaranteed. We have found after a decade of fighting the good fight, it is best to leave approvals up to the marshals and then simply provide products that follow the approved guidelines.

What is the maximum draw for combat bows and crossbows? It can vary from Kingdom to Kingdom, but generally speaking a combat longbow may not exceed 30 lb. draw, whereas a crossbow is limited to 600 in/lbs.

How do I get involved in the SCA or Adrian Empire activities? The SCA likely has a local chapter in your area. Simply visit to find a group near you. The Adrian Empire's various chapters may be found here.

Do you teach archery in Gainesville, FL? ABSOLUTELY! If you are in the Gainesville area, we have archery practices every Thursday night until the time change occurs in the fall. Then we break for the Winter months. Contact us for more information.

I have an old bow that belonged to my Grandfather. Can you help me determine if it is still safe to use? Sure, shoot us some photos and call to discuss. We'll walk you through checking out its integrity.


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