Sorry compound shooters, we like you but that's really not our game!
NorthStar Archery is all about traditional and primitive archery. If you are into longbows, stick bows, recurves, takedowns, horsebows etc, we want to hear from you.

Our true specialty of course is hand-made traditional wooden shafted arrows. You will not find these in our online store. Each arrow is crafted and tuned to the exact geometry and power of the system that is the archer and bow combined. Until you have shot an arrow tailored to you and your instrument, you may not fully appreciate the difference. Off- the-shelf arrows are mass-produced to satisfy a broad range of shooters and bows, and only if you are VERY lucky will you fall in the sweet spot for which they were manufactured.

We start with a consultative process where in we gather from you information about you, your shooting style, your bow's specifications and more. From there we discuss your tastes in terms of colors for the shaft and fletching as well as point styles for everything from competition to hunting.

From there we carefully select the proper spine weight and grain for the Port Orford cedar shafts and then assemble them using matched components so that each arrows performs exactly like the one before.


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